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My name is Jane and it's fair to say i have a love of all animals (no point doing this job if not!!) and because of this I would like to point out if you come to my home I wont look like this picture!!! On a work day I am usually covered in hair and not looking at all glamourous!

Having retired from work on ill health grounds I decided to take life a little easier and follow my passion for working with dogs. Grooming seemed the natural choice and I can honestly say that I find it very therapeutic and enjoyable.

I am lucky enough not have the pressure of having to groom a large amount of dogs per day which means grooming for me is a hobby as well as a small job. I am able to take my time while grooming and my pleasure comes from seeing a finished dog who looks very pleased with themselves!! (why do they do that?... trot around like they just lost ten pounds and feel great!!) and an owner who is happy with the results.

I can offer the following services in comfortable, warm surroundings, where your dog is given my full attention;

  • Hand stripping
  • Bath and 'brush up' (for the smelly pooch who doesn't necessarily need a cut. Great for short haired breeds)
  • Brushing (particularly good to take out dead hair on certain breeds)
  • Toe nail clipping and ear hair plucking
  • Full groom
  • puppy trim and advice

For a small charge (within a reasonable distance) I am able to collect and deliver your dog, which means you get your dog groomed within a proper grooming parlour (instead of inside the back of a van) while not having the hassle of having to drive to deliver and collect.

If you have a smaller dog which would be better groomed at home then I am willing to bring along my grooming table and clippers. All I need is electricity and a bath if you need me to bath your dog.

I am able to facilitate you staying with your dog (subject to a signed disclaimer)

if that is something which is easier.

It is important to me that you are happy with the finished look and I always welcome feedback. After all, the only way I learn how to groom your dog the way you like it is to listen to what you tell me. My focus is really on your family pet, while I am able to groom so that your pet has the cut of its particular breed (if you want it to look that way) I am not able to do full show clips to show standards because of time and financial implications. Scruffy Mutts is for your loveable pet who comes in a scruffbag and goes home happy, content and looking and smelling lovely.

The price for my services varies depending upon different aspects i.e. size, condition of coat, regularity of the dog being groomed (possibly danger money hehe!). Please feel free to ask for a price. You are under no obligation and are welcome to see where my grooming room.

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