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Prices vary with the following;

Size of dog, Condition of your pet's coat and type of grooming treatment you would like. I always try to keep my prices very competitive and you will receive a warm welcome.

To give you an idea though, to bathe, groom (which includes cut, trim to bottom of feet, toe nails clipped, blow dry and finishing spray) something the size of a Yorkshire Terrier that is in good condition, the cost would be around £26.

Is your dog moulting? Is it driving you mad?

A groom is a great way to remove lots of dead hair. I will sit with your dog and dry it through thoroughly with a directional dryer and brush so that I remove as much of the excess fur as possible. This usually takes one or two hours, I have a cabinet dryer to get the excess moisture out of your dog, but the best way to groom it is to use a proper directional dryer and brush to get to the base of the hair shaft.

The results are amazing!

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