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Some of my lovely customer's reviews:

A very good and fair sevice for your money by someone who does what they do because they love their hobby, rather than doing the job for profit.

My dog Zak was treated like a canine king whilst there, they’re equipped for all jobs in hand, and work with full dedication, to give your dog the best service possible, so your dog receives individual attention to all their needs with a passion.

“I most certainly will return again, to have my coat kept in the best possible condition and may even take the old man along too .. he got a cup of tea last time, whilst I got pampered”

thankyou for the time you spent with both angel and talulla belle and molly today. we have 3 very happy dogs who look beautiful and smell nice too. ... i hope you get some more customers soon. we both agree that we will be using your service again in the near future. thanks again for your time and patience from carole and davina.

thank you very much for grooming teddie he looks fantastic and he didnt seem that bothered look forward to having him done again in a few weeks

thanks again nina xxx

Thank you very much for trimming Harvey's claws.I could not believe how he responded to you.Clearly you love your work and equally you have respect for the pets you take care of. XXXXX

Jane is brilliant and has lots of patience.Who else could trim the claws of a 12 week old JRT.I will always have her to look after my dogs. she is the most respectfull "Pet Groomer" i have met, in all the 29 years i have kept dogs. Carol Thornton

Jane is fantastic, took her time meeting my dogs and gave them plenty of fuss before whisking two very smelly scruffy dogs and returning with two beautiful smelling happy dogs !!! I will use Scruffy mutts time and time again! Thank you Jane lots of love and licks Hana, Masiy and Ruby xxxx

Joan Jacques everyone should let jane do their dog she is the best groomer i have ever used there is not many people i would trust to take my dog to their house to bath and groom i never met jane before last saturday but knew i could trust her with my dog soon as i met her she did an amazing job with cooper and the price was realy good as well i will defo be using her again

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